Research in Innovation and Entrepreneurship

The RIE conducts, supports and promotes research that expands the theory & practice of the “Strategic Management of Technology & Innovation”.  The scope of research covers entrepreneurship, commercialization of emerging technologies, and the process of creative thinking generating innovative practices across a wide spectrum of markets, industries and social enterprises.

We investigate and analyze processes that can assist any organization in tackling today’s critical challenges in managing strategy & innovation to achieve smart, sustainable growth in a technology-driven, globally competitive business environment.


Provide an environment to translate knowledge and innovation into creation of successful entrepreneurial enterprises.


To create an ecosystem that fosters and supports innovation and knowledge based entrepreneurship amongst the ICT community leading to smart, sustainable growth in the SEE region.

RIE Objectives

  • Empower creativity
    Spread a culture of creative thinking to imagine ideas that radically challenge the status quo to create new value.
  • Stretch innovation capacity
    Implement appropriate processes that bring new ideas to life.
  • Adopt motivating systems
    Develop noble organizations that are committed to purpose, compassion, diversity and greatness.
  • Produce innovation knights
    Recruit, develop and retain the right mix of creative inventors and fearless innovators.
  • Offer top-notch Business Research & Consulting
    The Research in Innovation and Entrepreneurship offers consulting and evaluation services for innovators and entrepreneurs.

The RIE conducts, supports and promotes research that expands the theory & practice of the “Strategic Management of Technology & Innovation”.

We investigate and analyze processes that can assist any organization in tackling today’s critical challenges in managing strategy & innovation to achieve smart, sustainable growth in a technology-driven, globally competitive business environment.

The scope of the RIE research covers

  • Strategy of Business, Technology & Innovation
  • Collaboration platforms for Open Innovation & Crowdsourcing
  • Business Model Innovation
  • Strategy for Innovation: Lean Startup, Design Thinking, Agile, Growth Hacking
  • New Venture Creation – Entrepreneurship
  • Clusters of Innovation & Knowledge Hubs
  • Regional Innovation Strategies (RIS) for Smart Inclusive Growth & Sustainability

Research Platforms

Over the years and though its participation in several research project RIE has developed a number of collaboration platforms for open innovation.

  • A Virtual Incubator & Entrepreneurial Ecosystem Platform
    • RIE offers a social media software platform that supports a crowd-driven, virtual innovation and entrepreneurship ecosystem based on the principles of open innovation, crowdsourcing and co-creation. This platform has been built using a custom-made PHP MVC framework (Wooof).
    • This SW platform provides the basis for Innovvoicean online startup ideabator developed in the context of the VOICE project (A Virtual Open Incubation Ecosystem, CIP ICT-PSP-2013). Innovvoice facilitates idea development and evaluation by evolving concepts enriching their content through collaboration, crowd-wisdom and matchmaking with other ideators, business and product developers.
  • Game Development Platform
    • Through the support of its affiliate partners, Intralot SA & Intralot Interactive, RIE has developed a crowd-sourced, open & collaborative Game Development Platform (GDP) which empowers an open social gaming ecosystem for user-generated game development and community game playing.
    • The GDP facilitates the rapid development of game concepts into open peer-to-peer game projects that can run over multiple hardware platforms through the provision of libraries and collaborative development tools.
    • Project funded by INTRALOT (Jan. 2011 – Dec 2012) and INTRALOT Interactive (Jan. 2013 – Dec 2014).
  • Responsible Gaming Framework
    • Research on Responsible Gaming (INTRALOT funded project, Jan – Dec 2014) has led to the creation of a Responsible Gaming Framework for analyzing the playing habits of online players in an effort to identify early on signs of game addictiveness.
  • Platforms for Regional Innovation Strategy, Clusters of Innovation & Knowledge Hubs
    • RIE has developed unique expertise in the creation, nurturing & growth of regional entrepreneurial ecosystems through the establishment and facilitation of collaborative innovation networks contributing to regional sustainable growth.

The senior staff of the RIE have spearheaded the creation of two regional innovation clusters:  the BIONIAN Cluster (the first Life Sciences Cluster in Greece and South-East Europe ); and, STRATEGIS a Maritime ICT Cluster in Piraeus, Greece , aiming to offer 21st century maritime services and synergies for growth enabling Smart Sea – sustainable business opportunities in the greater SEE region.

Overall, AIT is a leading proponent of innovation and entrepreneurship in Greece, with a recognized record of world-class research and education programs designed to support and enable success in the emerging regional start–up ecosystem.

The Research Group on Innovation & Entrepreneurship (RIE) contributes to the AIT innovation record through its research & practices on the innovation process, from knowledge creation to commercialization.

Innovation in Education & Executive Training

  • 1st Innovation & Entrepreneurship MSc program in Greece, 2005
    • MSc in Management of Business, Innovation & Technology (MBIT). Dr. Yovanof has co-designed & organized the launching of the MBIT on Sep. 2015 & has served as the MBIT Academic Program Director from Sep. 2005 until Dec. 2015.
    • Starting Sep. 2014, the MBIT program is offered at the ATH/TECH Athens Tech College.
  • 1st innovation & entrepreneurship Summer School for teenagers in Greece, 2005 (Meet Your Future)
  • “Tech Mini MBA – Leading Strategic Innovation,” a Mini MBA program focusing on Technological Innovation designed by Dr. Yovanof & offered to the local industry as an open course as well as a custom-tailored module.

Research and Innovation

  • Creator of VOICE: an international crowd-driven, virtual innovation and entrepreneurship ecosystem based on open innovation, crowdsourcing and co-creation principles that has no physical location as opposed to traditional business incubators

An Early Supporter of the Greek Startup Ecosystem

Since the establishment of the AIT in 2002, the senior staff of the RIE have played an active role in the emergence of the local start-up ecosystem through various activities:

  • Maintaining a close link to the local entrepreneurial ecosystem
    • 1st on-campus co-working space in collaboration with CoLab Athens – offering on location mentoring and training for Greek startups
    • maintaining an office at “The Cube: co-working space in downtown Athens;
  • Participating in TEDxAthens Challenge (2011) – offering mentoring and training to 10 business plan competition finalists
  • Organizing and offering the annual InnoForum workshop at AIT
  • Offering consulting services to local startups;
  • Technical due diligence for submitted business plans at the “First Athens” VC Fund and
  • Hosting the Junior Achievement Greece– providing facilities and mentoring for the leading
  • Annual organization of numerous events, fora and training programs on innovation such as INNOFORUM, Gaming Forum, coding camps, Meet the Industry lecture series,,, Startup weekend, etc.
  • Serving as mentors & coaches at the majority of the locally organized business plan competitions (MITEF, ACEin, BlueGrowth, Aephoria,, PowerUP!, Athens Startup Weekend May 9-11, 2015, Crowdhackathon On Transportation (Jul. 18-19, 2015), Crowdhackathon On Tourism (Oct. 17-18, 2015), Startup Greece


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