Internet of Things

AIT’s IoT Group has an active presence in the International IoT (Internet of Things) community for nearly a decade. Its expertise spans the full range of IoT technologies, including high-performance networking for IoT applications, middleware for IoT streaming and analytics, IoT data and context modelling, IoT/cloud integration, as well as the development of a wide range of applications  in both consumer and industrial settings.

Our active presence and contribution to the international IoT community is substantiated through:

  • Participation in some of the most prominent EU projects on IoT, including award-winning projects such as OpenIoT ( During the last ten years, the group has participated in over 10 EC co-funded IoT projects in the scope of the FP7, ICT PSP and H2020 frameworks. As part of these projects, the group has attracted over 3.500.000 € of research/grant funding in competitive calls for proposal.
  • Contribution to the IoT open source community, as part of open source projects like OpenIoT and AspireRFID, where the group has been among the co-founders and leading committers. Our groups has contributed many hundreds of thousands lines of IoT code to github and other open source repositories. We have also presented our projects to prominent events of the open source community such as FOSSDEM.
  • Consistent Presence to National and International events on IoT, where members of the group are participating as speakers, panel members, presenters and organizers of sessions, workshops and exhibitions. We have a continuous and active presence in the IoT week, while we have also organized summer schools and a wider range of community events of national and international scale.
  • Research contributions in IoT related journals and conferences, along with the provision of services like review of publications and books. Our community services include also the provision of expertise as part of expert groups and activity chains of the European Research Cluster on the Internet of Things (IERC) and the Alliance for IoT Innovation (AIOTI).
  • Active contributions to the global community of IoT practitioners, through hands-on and practical articles on linkedin (e.g., IoT tutorial), electronic magazines, blogs etc.
  • Provision of leading edge IoT training services, at tutorial and advanced levels. Our curricula evolve in-line with the state of the art (see for example our slideshare IoT tutorial introduction)

The IoT group has developed the following IoT technologies:

  • Middleware for integrating IoT data and services within cloud computing infrastructures.
  • Data models and middleware services for semantic interoperability of IoT platforms and applications.
  • IoT security frameworks, emphasizing on authentication, authorization and data protection.
  • Data and context modelling for IoT applications in various application domains.
  • Scalable and high-performance IoT data streaming and analytics.

The group has been applying its technologies and expertise in a wide range of different applications and projects, spanning the following areas:

Recent selected publications

  • Riccardo Petrolo, Aikaterini Roukounaki, Valeria Loscrì, Nathalie Mitton, John Soldatos: Connecting Physical Things to a SmartCity-OS. SECON Workshops 2016: 1-6
  • Mengxuan Zhao, Nikos Kefalakis, Paul Grace, John Soldatos, Franck Le Gall, Philippe Cousin: Towards an Interoperability Certification Method for Semantic Federated Experimental IoT Testbeds. TRIDENTCOM 2016: 103-113.
  • Martin Serrano, Hoan Nguyen Mau Quoc, Danh Le Phuoc, Manfred Hauswirth, John Soldatos, Nikos Kefalakis, Prem Prakash Jayaraman, Arkady B. Zaslavsky: Defining the Stack for Service Delivery Models and Interoperability in the Internet of Things: A Practical Case With OpenIoT-VDK. IEEE Journal on Selected Areas in Communications 33(4): 676-689 (2015).
  • Aikaterini Roukounaki, John Soldatos, Riccardo Petrolo, Valeria Loscrì, Nathalie Mitton, Martin Serrano: Visual Development Environment for Semantically Interoperable Smart Cities Applications. IoT 360 (2) 2015: 439-449.
  • John Soldatos, Nikos Kefalakis, Martin Serrano, Manfred Hauswirth: Design principles for utility-driven services and cloud-based computing modelling for the Internet of Things. IJWGS 10(2/3): 139-167 (2014).
  • John Soldatos, Nikos Kefalakis, Manfred Hauswirth, Martin Serrano, Jean-Paul Calbimonte, Mehdi Riahi, Karl Aberer, Prem Prakash Jayaraman, Arkady B. Zaslavsky, Ivana Podnar Zarko, Lea Skorin-Kapov, Reinhard Herzog: OpenIoT: Open Source Internet-of-Things in the Cloud. OpenIoT@SoftCOM 2014: 13-25
  • Nikos Kefalakis, John Soldatos, Achilleas Anagnostopoulos, Panagiotis D. Dimitropoulos: A Visual Paradigm for IoT Solutions Development. OpenIoT@SoftCOM 2014: 26-45.
  • Gregor Schiele, John Soldatos, Nathalie Mitton: Moving Towards Interoperable Internet-of-Things Deployments in Smart Cities. ERCIM News 2014(98) (2014)

Open Source Projects

The group is the leading contributor to the following projects:

  • OpenIoT (
  • AspireRFID (