Ioannis Christou

Dr. Ioannis T. Christou holds a Dipl. Ing. Degree from the National Technical University of Athens, Greece in Electrical Engineering (1991), and an M.Sc. and Ph.D. degree in Computer Sciences from the University of Wisconsin-Madison (U.S.A.) (1993,1996). He also holds an MBA from the AthensMBA joint program of NTUA and the Athens University of Economics and Business (2006).

His research interests are in the areas of big data, data mining & machine learning, business & computational intelligence, and parallel/distributed computing. Dr. Christou has more than 70 research publications in peer-reviewed journals and conferences including IEEE Transactions on Pattern Analysis and Machine Intelligence, Knowledge & Information Systems, Information Processing & Management, IEEE Intelligent Systems, Expert Systems with Applications, IEEE Software, Intl. Journal of Machine Learning & Cybernetics, Mathematical Programming, etc.

Dr. Christou has been a Sr. Systems Engineer and Sr. Developer at Transquest Inc. (a joint venture of AT&T Bell Labs and Delta Air Lines), and Delta Technology Inc., an area leader in Knowledge & Data Engineering at Intracom S.A. and a Member of Technical Staff at Lucent Bell Laboratories Inc. For HOL in particular, Dr. Christou has developed the recommender system that produces daily movie recommendations for all subscribers to HOL’s Video-Club service (now Vodafone) since 2013.

Dr. Christou has been an adjunct Assistant Professor at the Computer Engineering and Informatics Dept. of the University of Patras during 2003-2004, and an adjunct professor at the Information Networking Institute of Carnegie-Mellon University in Pittsburgh PA, USA, between 2007 and 2011. Since 2004, he has been with Athens Information Technology where he is Professor of Big Data Mining, and has taught ‘Artificial Intelligence & Machine Learning’, ‘Systems Analysis & Design’, and ‘Network Optimization’ among other courses. He has also taught classes in ‘Knowledge Techniques for Innovation’ and Data-Bases, and has designed full courses in ‘Data Mining’ & ‘Business Intelligence’. He was co-founder and Chief Technical Officer of the start-up company IntelPrize, specializing in Big-Data-Mining for e-commerce. He has supervised the successful completion of the Ph.D. theses of two students in the areas of Information Retrieval and Recommender Systems, and Time-Series Analysis.

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