George D. Bardas

George D. Bardas currently works as a Research Scientist in Athens Information Technology. He grew up in Nea Achialos near Volos, always fond of computers and electronics. After high school, he studied computer science in University of Thessaly (Volos) as a Computer and Network Engineer with specialization in software developing. In the last years of his studies, his main interest was Signal Processing and especially Image, Video Processing and Compression in new (hybrid) architectures. While in Athens Information Technology (since April 2015), he has been studying Multimodal Signal Analytics and Machine Learning (Object, Face Detectors and Trackers). His studies have been implemented in Face Tracking and Object Detection systems, while recently he has been developing Machine Learning algorithms and techniques for use at industrial environments (via Object Detection). Furthermore, as an experienced C/C++ programmer, he has been working in various software developing projects especially in embedded devices.