Angela-Maria Despotopoulou

Mrs. Angela-Maria Despotopoulou currently holds the double role of a Software Engineer and a Research Scientist in Athens Information Technology. As a member of AIT’s Internet-of-Things group, she participates in European and industrial projects.

She was awarded her Bachelor’s degree in Informatics by the Athens University of Economics and Business (2008) and afterwards pursued a Master’s degree from the University of Sheffield International Faculty (2018). Her main area of expertise is Java Enterprise Edition applications, C++ Development for business software and Database Management and Design. Her interests also include User Experience Design, Business Intelligence and Blockchain technologies. Over the last decade, while working as a developer, she has acquired experience in the following business domains: hospitality, accounting, inventory and retail.

Mrs. Despotopoulou was born and grew up in Athens. She was always a compulsive learner and loved to be surrounded by books and new bits of information. She enjoys discovering foreign cultures and likes the process of learning their languages. Today she can make new friends in four of them.