GOAL – Games Of Active Life

European Commission H2020 ICT-24-2016 Gaming and gamification – Grant agreement no: 731656, GOAL Project

Innovation Action

Start date: November 2016,          Duration: 24 months

Total Funding: 999.312 €               AIT’s Funding: 218.625 €

Project Summary

Helping people, especially the elderly, to stay motivated into leading socially engaged, physically and cognitively active lifestyles is of paramount importance in modern societies where family bonds are not as strong as in the past. The GOAL project will provide a platform that fosters an ecosystem of games to motivate an active lifestyle. The platform will benefit both players and third-party game developers. GOAL players get to play their favourite games while at the same time working on a socially and physically active lifestyle. While GOAL games will reward users with GOAL Coins for healthy behaviour, others allow them to spend their earnings on virtual or real rewards. GOAL applications can reward among other, social interactions, physical activity, cognitive training, teamwork, and competition. Game developers choosing to integrate with the GOAL platform benefit by being able to leverage an easy to use platform that, when integrated into their games, provides out-of-the-box added value for their users’ healthy lifestyle.

AIT’s Role

Creator of the GOAL proposal idea and main author of the submitted proposal. Technical manager of the project and leader of the Workpackage on GOAL Applications. Main contributions on Web and mobile application development at the front-end; user management and signal processing for activity metric extraction at the back-end.

Project partners

Aarhus University, AIT, Neurogames, RRDTU/e

Contact persons

Project Technical Manager
Head of Multimodal Signal Analytics Group

WP4 leader