21Oct 2019

On Oct. 16, 2019, Dr. Constantinos B. Papadias gave a Keynote speech at the 5th International IEEE Smart Cities Conference (ISC2 2019,, entitled “Modelling mmWave Channels for Fixed Wireless Access in Urban Environments.” The presentation was based on recent channel measurements that AIT’s B-WiSE team performed in the context of its participation in the […]

30Sep 2019

The SecureIoT project has recently released a white paper for data-driven IoT security monitoring & automation, co-authored by AIT staff (Dr. John Soldatos and Dr. Sofoklis Efremidis) in collaboration with INTRASOFT International and FUJITSU Europe. We take the chance to ask you to allocate 1′ of your valuable time to register with SecureIoT’s market platform, […]

30Sep 2019

AIT’s B-WiSE Group participated in the European Researchers’ Night that took place at the National Technical University of Athens (NTUA) downtown campus in Athens, Greece, last Friday Sept. 27, 2019 (see The Researchers’ Night is organized by the European Commission’s Marie Skłodowska-Curie Actions (MSCA) and takes place in over 370 cities across Europe, attracting […]

17Sep 2019

AIT’s B-WiSE team members Muhammad Tariq, Nithin Babu, Konstantinos Ntougias, Dimitris Ntaikos and Constantinos Papadias participated in the recent Summer School and Review Meeting of the European Commission’s Innovative Training Network (ITN) Project PAINLESS – (which deals with the topic of energy-autonomous portable access points such as integrated on drones or robots) at the […]

16Sep 2019

Prof. Ioannis Tomkos of AIT presented a talk at the 8th International conference on fiber optics in access networks (FOAN2019, with title, “The approach of 5G PPP EU project blueSPACE for offering enhanced mobile broadband connectivity”. The conference was held in Sarajevo in September 2-4, 2019. Dr. Tomkos described how the  implementation of photonics […]

04Sep 2019

The FIREMAN project (of which AIT is a key participant and in charge of its technical management) had its 1st face-to-face meeting on Thursday Aug. 29, 2019, in conjunction with the IEEE International Symposium on Wireless Communication Systems 2019, held in Oulu, Finland; in fact, an entire special session entitled “Energy and Industrial Internet of […]