04Dec 2019

Enjoy viewing Dr. Soldatos’ presentation, at Infocom2019, on  challenges and opportunities stemming from Industry4.0 and Artificial Intelligence. This time the presentation goes beyond technical & technological levels and includes ideas about work, education, social policies for the Industry4.0 era.

06Nov 2019

In a recent LinkedIn article,  co-authored by AIT’s Dr. I. Kaldis and Dr. J. Soldatos, the five important techno-economic indicators for Predictive Maintenance were presented. You may find the article here ( As part of our #H2020 #PROPESY project, the authors are now providing some on-line tools that calculate these indicators. A simple #calculator for […]

06Nov 2019

The presentation focuses on how the H2020/FAR-EDGE Distributed Data Analytics Engine is being used to support AI and Machine Learning Use Cases for Zero Defect Manufacturing (ZDM). It also provides a listing of the QU4LITY BigData/ML toolbox for ZDM. Enjoy browsing at

30Oct 2019

Dr. Papadias gave an invited talk at the Huawei Antenna Technology Summit 2019, which was held in Munich, Germany, Oct. 23-24, 2019.  The event brought together experts on various facets of antenna technology, with an emphasis on forward-looking solutions, and was attended by professors and experts in the field, as well as several Huawei employees […]

21Oct 2019

On Oct. 16, 2019, Dr. Constantinos B. Papadias gave a Keynote speech at the 5th International IEEE Smart Cities Conference (ISC2 2019,, entitled “Modelling mmWave Channels for Fixed Wireless Access in Urban Environments.” The presentation was based on recent channel measurements that AIT’s B-WiSE team performed in the context of its participation in the […]

30Sep 2019

The SecureIoT project has recently released a white paper for data-driven IoT security monitoring & automation, co-authored by AIT staff (Dr. John Soldatos and Dr. Sofoklis Efremidis) in collaboration with INTRASOFT International and FUJITSU Europe. We take the chance to ask you to allocate 1′ of your valuable time to register with SecureIoT’s market platform, […]