Technological Solutions and Product Innovations

AIT works closely with the industrial and entrepreneurial world and commits its skillful personnel and advanced technological infrastructure to perform private research and come up with requested technological solutions. AIT runs regularly a number of industry-commissioned research projects, on target topics that give a clear competitive advantage to the corresponding companies.  These, in several cases, also result in a number of patents for the generated intellectual property. Success stories include:

  • INTRALOT’s ICON system that is based on AIT’s imaging technologies for which a patent has been secured;
  • INTRALOT’s EYES-ON system which is based on AIT’s big data processing skills for which a patent has been secured;
  • INTRALOT’s GAMES-ON system for collaborative development on games, for which a patent has secured;
  • INTRALOT’s Responsible Gaming Framework and toolkit for which a patent has been secured;
  • Intracom Defense Electronics’ technologically advanced Digital Noise Reduction system that is based on AIT’s audio and signal processing  techniques;
  • HoL’s TV-content recommendation system that has become part of HoL’s commercial offering MyTV.

AIT also investigates and analyzes processes that can assist any organization in tackling today’s critical challenges in managing strategy & innovation to achieve smart, sustainable growth in a technology-driven, globally competitive business environment.

Please tell us what you need. We’ll be happy to work together.

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