Innovation Services

Overall, AIT is a leading proponent of innovation and entrepreneurship in Greece, with a recognized record of world-class research and education programs designed to support and enable success in the emerging regional start–up ecosystem.

AIT supports innovation and entrepreneurship by providing services in all phases of the innovation lifecycle, from business idea creation to the formulation of a sound Business Plan and the development of a meaningful MVP and eventually the launching of a start-up. AIT services involve mentoring and consulting, scientific and technological support and last but not least relevant and valuable training.

AIT has been the creator and an instrumental partner of EU project VOICE that has designed and implemented an international crowd-driven, virtual innovation and entrepreneurship ecosystem ( based on open innovation, crowdsourcing and co-creation principles. aims to become the reference platform for European players of innovation and startup ecosystems, in multiple contexts and geographical areas. It provides an effective digital solution that aids young entrepreneurs and individuals who aspire to become entrepreneurs (i.e. wanterpreneurs) to tap into the collective intelligence of the crowd and turn their entrepreneurial interests or needs into collaborative projects that will result into a prototype and to a potential successful “crowd-venture”.

Please come forward with what you need and we’ll be glad to be of help.

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