Prof. Ioannis Tomkos of AIT presented 3 talks at the 21st International Conference on “Transparent Optical Networks” (ICTON;, that was held in Angers, France during July 9-12, 2019. The talks were associated with the research activities of AIT’s “High-Speed Networks and Optical Communications” (NOC) research group and its EU R&D projects BLUESPACE ( and DIMENSION (

The titles and co-authors of the talks are: 

“5G/NGPON evolution and convergence: The approach of 5G PPP EU project blueSPACE”; co-authored by D. Klonidis, Th. Liagkas, P. Sarigiannidis and I. Tomkos

“Low-cost/power coherent transceivers for intra-datacenter interconnections and 5G fronthaul links”; co-authored by I. Tomkos, A. Tolmachev, A. Agmon, M. Meltsin, Th. Nikas and M. Nazarathy 

“Enabling technologies to extend the bandwidth of WDM optical communication systems to the limits of the available optical fiber bandwidth”; co-authored by I. Tomkos, A. Bogris, C. Roeloffzen, A. Liense, A. Larsson, D. Klonidis, N. Raptis and D. Syvridis