The 9th “Mobile Connected World” 2019 conference incorporated a parallel session, focused on the Digital Transformation of the Greek State and the expected impacts in its economic recovery.
The aim of the session was to encourage an open dialogue among the Greek Government and related Business and Academic Institutions, which will contribute to the reformulation and updating of the National Digital Policy Strategy.
The parallel session consisted of 3 sub-sections that focused on different technological areas:
a) Blockchains,
b) Artificial Intelligence,
c) Smart Networks.
The speakers of each subsection presented talks that:
(i) summarized the relevant technological developments at European and national levels,
(ii) described good practices adopted in other countries for the promotion and adoption of these technologies, as well as
(iii) discussed how these technologies can contribute to the improvement of the operation of the public sector and the enhancement of the innovation ecosystem in the relevant subjects”.
AIT Professor, Ioannis Tomkos organized the parallel session.
AIT Assistant Professors, Sofoklis Efremidis gave a talk on «Blockchains and the opportunities ahead» and
Dimitrios Klonidis on «AI and Blockchain Technologies in 5G Networks»

AIT Professor, Ioannis Tomkos
AIT Assistant Professor, Sofoklis Efremidis
AIT Assistant Professor, Dimitrios Klonidis