A new innovation of the Horizon2020 GOAL project (http://www.goal-h2020.eu/), technically managed by AIT, has just appeared at European Commission’s Innovation Radar platform (https://www.innoradar.eu/), raising the number of innovations in which AIT is involved to seven.

The innovation is entitled “New demonstration of game and gamification based eHealth tool”. The GOAL project delivers a platform of games and applications that help people stay motivated to lead socially engaged, physically and cognitively active lifestyles.

Players get to play their favorite games while at the same time working on their healthy lifestyles. The Innovation Radar platform builds on the information and data gathered by independent experts involved in reviewing ongoing EU co-funded projects.

For more information on the GOAL project and its innovations, please contact Dr. Aristodemos Pnevmatikakis (apne@ait.gr)