Gregory S. Yovanof, Ph.D., Professor of Innovation & Entrepreneurship at Athens Information Technology (AIT) and the Managing Director of “STRATEGIS – Maritime Center of Excellence”, gave the Headline talk on “Autonomous Marine Systems – A Driver for Sustainable Growth in the Ocean Economy” at the inaugural session of the ICIP 2018 Conference, held in Athens, October 8, 2018.

The Ocean Economy, a.k.a the Blue Economy & Blue Growth – the human use of the ocean – which already makes a very significant contribution to the world economy is likely to more than double by 2030.  This puts the world’s seas and oceans under increasing pressure, both from the growing range and intensity of economic activities, as well as from climate change. Innovation holds the key to the sustainable growth of the Ocean Economy.

Currently, an industrial revolution is unfolding under the seas. Rapid progress in the development of autonomous systems, robotics, maritime surveillance, satellite systems, AI, and data science are opening up whole new sectors of ocean use and research. The talk focused in on the role that autonomous marine systems can play, in harnessing the ocean economy’s potential in a responsible and sustainable way.