“The International Conference on “Photonics in Switching and Computing – PSC” was organized by the University of Cyprus (UCY) in the city of Limassol, Cyprus during September 19 – 21.
It was Technically co-sponsored by IEEE and in fact by both its Photonics and Computing Societies. PSC is actually the successor of the well-known conference “Photonics in Switching – PS”, which is running since 2001 and is hosted annually, in turn, by Europe, North America and Japan.

AIT’s Dr. Ioannis Tomkos (Leader of AIT’s Research Group on “High-speed Networks & Optical Communications” – NOC) served as a General co-Chair (together with Prof. Stavros Iezekiel from UCY and Prof. Katsuyuki Utaka from Waseda University, Japan).

The renewed “Photonics in Switching and Computing” conference addresses all aspects of optical interconnected network architectures, optical (sub-) systems, optical components and devices, and management/control plane for telecom and datacom networks, as well as for high-performance computing (HPC) applications (from 2018 on-wards as conference’s key theme, following an initiative by Dr. Tomkos).

The conference included 4 Plenary Keynote Talks by Dr. Mike Haney (Program Director at USA’s Advanced Research Projects Agency-Energy), Prof. Yoshihisa Yamamoto (Professor at Stanford University, USA & the National Institute of Informatics, Japan), Dr. Andrew Rickman (Founder and CEO, Rockley Photonics), and Dr. Ashok Krishnamoorthy (Chairman and CEO of Axalume Inc.).

The main conference program included 3 Specialized Workshops on: a) “Optical Data Center Interconnects”, b) “Fast Switching Technologies for Data Center Networks“ (Chaired by AIT’s Dr. Dimitrios Klonidis), and c) “Space Division Multiplexed Optical Transmission and Networking”. It also included 3 Tutorials, 22 Invited Presentations, as well as 18 Technical Sessions populated with the accepted contributed presentations that authors submitted to the conference.

It is also worth mentioning that the pre-conference program featured two unique “cross-pollination” meetings among two clusters of EU-funded EU projects: a) one consisting of 5G-PPP projects working on the use of optical network technologies for 5G mobile networks (led by AIT NOC’s EU project BlueSpace, and b) another one consisting of Photonics21 projects working on “Photonics based interconnect technologies” (led by AIT NOC’s project DIMENSION). These meetings had as key target the technical interaction of partners from all relevant EU projects and the initiation of new research collaborations among them.

PSC’18 was attended by about 150 people coming from organizations located across 24 different countries, with an 20%-80% industry-academia representation.”