The EU funded H2020 project ACINO has been successfully completed and received excellent comments during its final review in April. ACINO has developed a SDN based control plane platform that is able to offer a tailored service to each application of the transport network, thus matching specific service requirements like bandwidth, latency, availability and security.

AIT had a major contribution to the project and delivered the application-aware resource allocation framework that provides the intelligent mapping between the service requests and the available network resources. The implemented framework follows a novel multi-layer approach that offers optimum allocation of both IP and optical layer resources while taking different network service requirements in to consideration. The final review held in Telefonica premises in Madrid on the 17th of April and included a successful live demonstration of 4 different use cases.

AIT participated in the project with the Networks and Optical communications (NOC) group.

The members of the group are thankful for the excellent coordination of the project by Dr. Domenico Siracusa from FBK CREATE-NET and the close collaboration with the research partners from ADVA, Telefonica, SEDONA and ACREO.