The Horizon 2020 OCTAVE project has completed its technical work plan! A great team and far-reaching results in Automatic Speaker Verification (ASV).  AIT was proudly part of it. The core technological target of the project was to deliver effective methods, for introducing robustness into speaker verification, to environmental variability and against spoofing attacks (i.e. replay attacks, voice conversion and speech synthesis), whilst maximising accuracy and operational efficacy.  The overall outcome of OCTAVE is the realisation of a secure and user-friendly generation of biometrics-based access control, offering reliability in unsupervised operation for utilization of remote services and for enabling local access to critical facilities through a central authentication server. AIT had an integral role in this by participating in tasks that were purely technical (e.g. demonising techniques while the speaker is using the ASV system) but also in identifying the implications in terms of security and data protection (e.g. where and how you save the phonetic data of people using such a system).