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Research Areas

Funded research is multithematic and focuses on the following seven fields

  1. Broadband Wireless and Sensor Networks

    The activities of Broadband Wireless & Sensor Networks (B-WiSE) Research Group are directed towards the design, study and demonstration of smart, spectrally and energy-efficient wireless communications systems and networks that range from Body Area to Sensor to Wide Area and Satellite Networks.

  2. Network and Optical Communications

    The primary objectives of the NOC group are to perform research on high-speed, high-capacity network service protocols and architectures, study and develop novel network architectures and innovative transport solutions for telecommunication services and internet applications, promote new application specific product opportunities in cutting edge technologies and perform techno-economic studies for broadband networks.

  3. Multimodal Signal Analytics

    This area focuses on building systems that observe and understand their surroundings in an attempt to offer services to their inhabitants. This is achieved by utilizing hardware and writing software that implements signal processing algorithms.

  4. Internet of Things

    The IoT Group has an active presence in the International IoT (Internet of Things) community for nearly a decade. Its expertise spans the full range of IoT technologies, including high-performance networking for IoT applications, middleware for IoT streaming and analytics, IoT data and context modelling, IoT/cloud integration, as well as the development of a wide range of applications  in both consumer and industrial settings.

  5. Big Data Mining

    The Big Data & Big Data Mining research focuses on developing scalable infrastructure and algorithms for discovering new and interesting knowledge hidden in large data bases. For this purpose, we have developed cluster-parallel software that utilizes the power of multi-core and many-core clusters of computers for the efficient distribution of in-memory compute-intensive tasks related to knowledge discovery from data. 

  6. Software Systems

    The aim of the Software Systems Research Area is the advancement of software systems through research and development and the dissemination of the collected knowledge though academic and professional education. Of focal interest is the development of both targeted software technologies and also innovative applications.

  7. Innovation and Entrepreneurship

    This area focuses on conducting, supporting and promoting research that expands the theory & practice of the “Strategic Management of Technology & Innovation”.  The scope of research covers entrepreneurship, commercialization of emerging technologies, and the process of creative thinking generating innovative practices across a wide spectrum of markets, industries and social enterprises.