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Telecoms Foundation – Technology & Business

The rapidly changing landscape of modern communications presents major challenges for the future positioning and sustainability of traditional and new entrant players. This program has been designed to enable mid-senior managers, future managers, and specialists in telecommunications and related industries to develop effective telecom business strategies – equipping them to guide their organizations more effectively through a high risk environment.
It covers the current state of the industry (including trends, forecasts and adoption of new technologies), existing and emerging technologies, and the overall business environment.
Pragmatic advice to the leading global operators and builders of communications infrastructure. These analysts are informed, objective and ready to apply practical ‘real world’ experience to your business challenges and opportunities.

This course provides an excellent grounding in Modern Telecommunications Business Perspective. Current and evolving services, applications, technologies and networks, within the fixed, mobile and data/internet environments giving a comprehensive overview of the Telecommunications Industry today. Participants gain
• A clearer view of understanding of your people, your products, and telecom business
• A solid platform on which to make strategic, technical, financial and management decisions that are reliable, well grounded and commercially viable
• An updated picture of the telecommunications market and trends to spot threats and opportunities
• Are fully equipped to take on new challenges and progress within the organization

Who should attend

This training course provides an excellent grounding in Modern Telecommunications and has been designed for those new to telecommunications, or those who want to expand their knowledge of both the technologies and the wider business. Mid-senior managers, future managers, and specialists in telecommunications and related industries will benefit from course participation to develop their career.

Course Description
  • The Telecoms Business Environment
  • Network Building Blocks
  • Fixed Networks
  • Fixed Broadband Networks
  • Mobile Networks
  • Mobile Broadband Networks
  • Telecoms Industry Outlook
Training Methodology
  • Lecture and Presentations
  • Case studies and Practical Assignments
  • other



Professor Ioannis Tomkos


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Professional's Views

“The Art & Science of Negotiation is a great program, for executives, managers or enterprising individuals who want to improve themselves on negotiation. Nice variety of approaches to the subject, with comprehensive exercises and role plays which covered the range of all types of negotiations. Well structured course which really motivated and challenged the participants while creating value for them.”

Thanos Loutsos (2008), CIO Greece – Regional Services Manager Central East Europe, ING




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