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Introduction to Modern Telecoms

This course benefits those looking to enhance their knowledge of Modern Telecommunications in general; or to spot specific areas of expertise for further broadening their experience and knowledge base, whilst looking at chosen specialist areas overview. The program gives an overview analysis of the market and technical issues surrounding convergence, bringing together a comprehensive   .

This course provides an excellent grounding in Modern Telecommunications. Current and evolving services, applications, technologies and networks, within the fixed, mobile and data/internet environments giving a comprehensive overview of the Telecommunications Industry today. Participants gain:
• A cleared view of where the telecom organizations stand
• An updated picture of the telecommunications market and its future direction, with forecasts, and expert analysis
• Become fully versed in fixed, mobile and convergent network technology and the reasons behind its adoption, its strengths, weaknesses and limitations.
• Learn how best practice leadership techniques can be applied within the telecoms industry
• Are fully equipped to take on new challenges and progress within the organization

Who should attend

This program is designed for mid to senior managers, future managers, specialists, identified talent and directors from all functions within the telecommunications sector. It has been developed for those whose time is limited and who work in critical roles or situations where a lengthy period away for study is not possible. It also provides an ideal opportunity to develop the organization’s talent pool and support succession planning

Course Description
  • Introducing the Basics
  • Services and Applications
  • Transmission, Switching, and Signalling Systems
  • Modern Fixed Networks
  • Mobile Networks including GSM, GPRS & UMTS
  • Data Communications
  • The Internet
  • Radio Systems
  • The Evolving Telecommunications Network
Training Methodology
  • Lecture and Presentations
  • Case studies and Practical Assignments
  • other



Professor Ioannis Tomkos


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Professional's Views

“Leadership for the 21st Century gave me the unparalleled opportunity to look deep within myself and work hard to unlock any barriers that existed to my own self-development. Understanding better why I make certain choices, why I hold certain values so dear, and how to stretch my mind to new limits has helped me become a better professional, colleague and person.”

Participant, October 2003




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