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Success Stories


Dimitris Tzelios - Greece 
MSITT 2005
Current position: Strategic Planning and Transformation Directorate, OTE

Victor Sion Bakolas - Greece 
MSITT 2005 
Current position: ATM & IP Transport Network Engineer at Vodafone Hellas
Konstantinos Gkoutzis - Greece
MSITT 2005 - MSIN 2007
Current position: IT Consultant

Lazar Adjigogov - FYROM
MSIN 2005

Current position: working in FYROM


Jade Namaan - Lebanon
MSIN 2005
Current position: Epic Systems Corporation, Verona, Wisconsin, USA


Ippokratis Pandis - Greece
MSIN 2005

Current position: Research Staff Member at IBM Research - Almaden


Alexandros Aggelis - Greece
MSITT 2005
Current position: Information Officer at Intrasoft International



Johnny Awad - Lebanon
MSITT 2005

Current position: at Booz & Company, UK


Ghassan El Abdallah - Lebanon

MSITT 2005
Current position: Systems Administrator at Rimuhosting


Milica Bogosavljev -
MSITT 2005
Current position: Software Development Engineer at Siemens Enterprise Communications, Greece.


Ergon Curraj - Albania
MSITT 2006
Current position: ICT Consultant & PM, in Albania


Ghassan Oman Karame - Lebanon 
MSIN 2006
Current position: Research Scientist at NEC Research Labs, in Frankfurt


Athanasios Barlas - Greece
MSIN 2006
Current position: Enterprise Product Specialist at Dell


Theo Bassayiannis - Greece
MBIT 2006
Current position: Co-Owner at Helioparks Energy Ltd
Jad Khater - Lebanon
MSITT 2006
Current position: Software Developer at 360T, in Frankfurt


Georgios Gekas - Greece
MSIN 2006
Current position: Software Engineer at LHS Telekommunikation in Frankfurt, Germany


Dimitris Liapis - Greece
MSITT 2006
Current position: Senior Software Engineer at Velti


Ali Al-Othman - Jordan
MSITT 2006
Current position: Research Scientist at the University College Cork (UCC)


Osama Alrabadi - Jordan
MSITT 2006
Current position: Post doc at Aalborg University, Denmark


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Students' Views

"The dormitory in which international students are situated is a story by itself and it represents AIT efforts to satisfy all students’ needs and bring a “home” atmosphere much closer, preventing even the most sensitive students from being homesick. For someone who never felt how it is to live together and share an academic and daily life with the friends from all over the world, it is hard to describe the flavor of cooked food in the late evening (early morning) hours, when all of the students return to the dorm, hungry and tired from 24+2 hours long working day. At this moment, the kitchen would become a big pan, where all national specialties would be cooked, starting from spicy - Venezuelan; full of salad - Lebanese; good boiled - Iranian; low caloric - Botswana; fishy - Philippine’s and other international meals. In a word, unforgettable experiences."

Milica Bogosavljev, MSITT 2006 (Serbia)

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news list News & Announcements

10th PhD graduation of AIT - Aalborg University joint doctoral program

AIT Ph.D. student Nikitas Goumatianos (Lt. General of the Hellenic Air Force) successfully defended his Ph.D. thesis “Algorithmic Trading Advancements Using Pattern Discovery Methods and Multiple Committees of Neural Networks” on Friday, July 8, 2016, at Aalborg University premises in Aalborg, Denmark.

Best booth award at EUCNC 2016
2016-07-25 The FP7 project ADEL (, which is technically coordinated by AIT, earned the "Best Booth Award" for its demos on Licensed Shared Access at the European Conference on Communications on Networks and Communications (EUCNC 2016) that was held in Athens June 27-30, 2016 (
AIT contributes to the recently published Roadmap on Optical Communications
2016-05-19 Dr. Ioannis Tomkos of AIT was one of the co-authors of the 2016 "Roadmap on Optical Communications" that was recently published in the "Journal of Optics" of IOPscience.
AIT is working on enhancing the performance of future datacenters

Dr. Ioannis Tomkos of AIT published an article at the Spring issue of the Fibre Systems Magazine. The article entitled "Supersizing the data centre" is actually the cover page story.

AIT participates in EU-funded project that aspires to revolutionize silicon lasers used in datacenter interconnects

On February 1st 2016, the EU-funded research project "Directly Modulated Lasers on Silicon" (DIMENSION) was launched. AIT participates in this project via its "High-speed Networks and Optical Communications" (NOC) research group.

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