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Algorithms and Security


The primary objective of the group is to bring together expertise in education, research and practice in the field of information security and algorithms. Our group members conduct research in areas spanning from the theoretical foundations of cryptography to the design and implementation of leading edge efficient and secure communication protocols.

The key areas of our technological expertise include Design and development of practical cryptographic mechanisms and protocols that can be employed by resource-limited devices such as sensor nodes and RFIDs.


  • Design of specific middleware security services that can be easily integrated in larger applications of wireless sensor networks. Implementation and deployment of realistic sensor networks with applications in environmental monitoring, health care, energy management of buildings, etc.
  • Design of protocols that focus on providing security and enhancing user privacy in ubiquitous environments that use RFID and other similar technologies. Securing transactions in peer-to-peer networks.
  • Design of security protocols and intrusion detection techniques for Ad-Hoc networks, such as authentication and key agreement protocols based on challenge-response and zero-knowledge techniques.
  • Design of security architectures for wireless and telecommunication networks (UMTS). Smart card security for e-voting and passport control.
  • Design and development low-level cryptographic primitives that can be used in securing the communications in critical applications.
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Students' Views

"I am currently working in KPMG as a Senior Advisor in the Risk Advisory Services (RAS) division. I have been specialized in the areas of Regulatory, IT Project Management, and Financial auditing. The specialty that i am targeting to get involved in the near future is the Shipping Finance."

Sotiris Perdikeas, MBIT 2007, (Greece)

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OpenIoT Participation ranking third at IoT Hackaton 2014 at MIT Media Lab

The AIT Autonomic and Grid Computing team of our OpenloT project (using the open source OpenIoT software) was ranked third, among seven teams, at the IoT Hackaton at the MIT Media Lab in Boston MA, USA.

EIT ICT Labs idea Challenge Contest

Since 2010, EIT ICT Labs is consistently mobilising talents, ideas, technologies, investments as well as businesses across Europe and beyond.

Το 9o Meet Your Future στέφθηκε με απόλυτη επιτυχία!

Ευχαριστούμε θερμά όλους τους ομιλητές του MYF για το χρόνο και τις πολύτιμες συμβουλές τους,

8th PhD graduation of AIT - Aalborg University joint doctoral program - June 27, 2014

AIT PhD student Mr. Emmanouil Amolochitis, successfully defended his PhD thesis entitled “Algorithms for Academic Search and Recommendation Systems " on Friday, June 27, 2014, at AIT.

8th PhD defense of AIT - Aalborg University joint doctoral program


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