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AIT's PhD Program in Collaboration with Aalborg University

Athens Information Technology offers a collaborative doctoral program with Aalborg University (AAU) in Denmark ( The joint program was launched in 2008.

Following a modern approach to teaching and research, Aalborg University's key features are interdisciplinarity, cooperation with the industry and internationalization. AAU’s approach to teaching and research, emphasizing relevance, collaboration, and excellence, combined with its long successful track record in collaborative research in the field of ICT, makes AAU an ideal partner for AIT in the area of PhD degrees and has made the collaboration very successful.

Qualified students with a desire to pursue high-quality research in the fields of ICT (Information and Communication Technologies) and Innovation Management are invited to apply for this program. The selected applications will be evaluated by the Doctoral School of AAU. Once approved, the students will acquire the status of Doctoral Student at AAU and will be supervised by both AAU and AIT professors.

Students who enroll in this program have to comply with all academic procedures and practices of Aalborg University, including the acquisition of required course credits for the PhD degree. They also enjoy access to all privileges of AAU doctoral students. The added value of the program is that doctoral students are given the opportunity to benefit from the people, lab infrastructure, services, research projects, and other activities at both institutions.

All students who enroll in the program have their progress periodically monitored by the supervising professors and have to file the requisite reports. Publication of research results in internationally recognized journals and conference proceedings is a mandatory requirement for graduation. A joint AAU, AIT faculty committee also oversees the overall progress of all enrolled students and provides any further administrative or other help in order to ensure a rewarding and smooth experience.

Upon successful completion of the required course credits and research work, as judged by the academic supervisors and AAU's Doctoral School, the PhD candidates have to present their thesis defence before a PhD Examination Committee at Aalborg, which will decide on the awarding of the PhD degree of Aalborg University. The duration for the completion of the PhD requirements is three years.

Application and Admissions Procedure

Applications are open throughout the year. AIT has an open PhD admission policy.

AIT alumni applicants should submit a:

  • Curriculum Vitae
  • PhD Application Form (link to download)
  • One-page statement/description of their research topic

 Non-AIT alumni applicants should submit a:

  • Curriculum Vitae
  • PhD Application Form (link to download)
  • One-page statement/description of their research topic
  • Official/ certified copies of transcripts from previously earned degrees
  • A certified copy of their diploma/s
  • Two reference letters (signed and sealed)

 All material should be sent to phd_ait [ a_t ]

Transcripts and reference letters should be sent via post to:
AIT Admissions office 
44 Kifisias Avenue
15125 Marousi, Greece

For more information on the PhD program, please contact:

Ms. Didoe Prevedourou, AIT Director of Research (dpre [ a_t ]
Prof. Constantinos Papadias, PhD Academic Program Director (papadias [ a_t ]

Ms. Crysanthi Efstathiou, PhD Academic Program Administrator (cefs [ a_t ]

PhD Students and Topics

Year 2008

Athanasios Giannetsos
Security Threats in Wireless Sensor Networks: Implementation of Attacks and Defence Mechanisms
Nikolaos Katsarakis
Automatic Scene Analysis on Live Video Feeds
Theodoros Petsatodis
VAD and its Applications in Dynamically-varying Acoustic Environments
Konstantinos Georgakilas
Delivery of Services in Multi-Domain, Multi-Layer Optical Network Infrastructures

Year 2009

Elpiniki Tsakalaki
Smart Antenna-Enabled Transceiver Techniques for Cognitive and MIMO Multi-User Communication
Emmanouil Amolochitis
Using Personalization for Improving Information Retrieval Accuracy in Search Engine Results
Antonis Michalas
Trust and Privacy in Ad Hoc Networks and Distributed System
Nikolaos Kefalakis
Configuration Framework and Context Awareness for Intelligent RFID Systems
Menelaos Bakopoulos
Video Annotation and Enriched Media Authoring in Real-time Mobile Collaborative Environments

Year 2010
Bo Han
Transceiver Techniques for Low Complexity Wireless Communication Systems
Hristijan Petreski
Technology-enabled Social Practices in Personalized and Adaptive e-Learning
Nikitas Goumatianos
Innovative Ways in Developing Trading / Investing Strategies

Year 2012
Nikos Taramas
Transceiver Techiques for Interference Alignment in Next Generation Communication Networks
Ghafoor Shah
Research and Development of a Wearble Smart Stethoscope 
Elena Marnieraki
mHealth: Defining the successful strategy and leveraging power for MNOs, into the new era of the healthcare ecosystem

Year 2015
Konstantinos Ntougias
Cross-layer design and optimization for efficient LSA communication with QoS guarantees

Year 2016

Stefanos Astaras
Understanding Activities by Fusing Visual Descriptors


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Students' Views

"The Summer School was a high educational and cultural experience. I have updated my knowledge in my field and at the same time met many new friends. Not to mention the fact that I was introduced to the greak Greek culture and land!"

Zaid Asfour, Advanced Summer School 2008, (Jordan)


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