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New EU funded research project “blueSPACE” for AIT, under 5G PPP in Horizon 2020

27 June 2017

bluespaceThe newly funded EU project blueSPACE towards the development of a disruptive technical approach, for enhancing the capacity and functionality of the next generation mobile and fixed networks (known as 5G networks), focusing in particular on the optimum management of the links and network resources between multiple antenna sites and the central office. The project is funded with 6.7M€ and has started in June 2017 with a duration of 3 years.

AIT was a main contributor to the successful preparation and editing of the project proposal under the highly competitive 5G PPP call of Horizon 2020. AIT maintains the role of the project technical manager and guides the development activities of the project. The project is coordinated by TU Eindhoven and composed by large vendors (Corning, ADVA, Intracom, Thales), major telecom operators (Orange and COSMOTE), leading academic and research institutes (CTTC, UPV, UC3M) and Innovative SMEs (Lionix, NextWorks, Eulambia, Optoscribe).


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"The professionalism and friendliness of the professors, the classrooms, the labs, the courses, everything about the AIT staff and campus just led me to one conclusion: that I was in the right place. At AIT, where I spent most of my stay in Greece, I was pleased by the faculty, staff and students. I felt like home, living among my family and friends. The support, the understanding, the encouragement of the faculty and fellow friends were overwhelming and kept me going, working hard days and night until graduation date."

Jad Khater, MSITT 2006 (Lebanon)

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