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AIT Library Services

On-line Catalog
OPAC (On-line Public Access Catalogue) at is the bibliographic database where the entire collection is accessible. The user is able to search for the material desired (monographies, journals, reference material, encyclopedias, theses, dictionaries), view information on the collection, and make reservations of the desired material through e-mail. The user may select a language (Greek or English) and has the option to search for bibliographic records based on several keywords and criteria.


  • Circulation rights apply to all members of AΙΤ (faculty, researchers, students, and staff) and the INTRACOM Group. External researchers and users have the right to consult the collection and its resources and to photocopy material, but not to borrow a publication.  
  • All the library material is available for circulation except for the informative material and journals. The copies are loaned for a period of five days and may be renewed after at least one week (five days for the members of the INTRACOM Group who attend the relevant courses) has elapsed from the return date.
  • Postgraduate students and members of the INTRACOM Group are entitled to borrow up to five titles.
  • All categories of users have the right to renew the lending period twice as long as the material is not requested by other users. After the second renewal the same user cannot borrow the same item before at least one week has elapsed. The user must bring back the publication before or on the due date.
  • The titles of the Selective Bibliography (SB) are loaned for a period of five days without the right to renew the loaning period before at least one week has elapsed.
  • The loan period can be changed at the Librarian's discretion and recommendation of the scientific head of the Library for titles in great demand during certain time periods.
  • The user who loses or brings back a publication in bad condition is obliged to replace it within a week or, if out of stock, to pay for its full value.
  • Postgraduate students must return publications before graduating.

Services for AIT Students
The Library’s staff provides useful guidelines to AIT students for accessing on-line resources, requesting papers, etc, through e-mails or in practice during the academic year and supports their access to tools for literature and bibliographic searches by conducting database researches on their behalf. The Library also provides the users with guidelines and reference material for writing their theses and research papers.

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Students' Views

"The very open-minded and rich interaction with the classmates and professors, the highly-committed faculty and the opportunity to be involved in cutting-edge research, provide you with an unique opportunity to foster intellectual development, and career growth."

Spyros Tsevas, MSITT 2006, (Greece)

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