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A. Pnevmatikakis


Dr. Aristodemos Pnevmatikakis is an associate professor at Athens Information Technology, with 20 years’ experience in signal processing. His prime research interest is in systems for multimodal detection, tracking and identification, aiming at activity recognition in intelligent spaces. To this extend he utilises signals from cameras, microphones and wearable, environmental and domotics sensors. He is co-author of the books Audio-Visual Person Tracking: A Practical Approach (Imperial College Press, London, UK, Summer 2011) and Delta-Sigma Modulators, Modeling, Design and Applications (Imperial College Press, London, UK, 2003). His research has resulted to a series of scientific publications and has been featured on regional and international media and events, while the resulting systems have been successfully evaluated at international evaluation campaigns. He has been involved in numerous EU and national research and industrial projects.

He received his BSc in Physics from University of Patras, Greece in 1993 and his MSc and PhD from Imperial College, University of London in 1995 and 1999 respectively. Since July 2003 he is with Athens Information Technology. Since May 2016 he serves as an advisor to MoodMe. He has been Chief Technical Officer at Dynasense PC (2014-2015), with the Development Programs Dept. of Intracom Telecom (2001-2003) and with the Analogue and RF Design Group of Integrated Systems Development (1999-2001).

He is married and has two daughters. He enjoys the hills and the sea (cycling, running, sailing and paddling).

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