How can I find more on AIT, Ancient Olympia and Athens
You may visit,, to get relevant information.
Is Athens a safe city?
Athens is still one of the safest towns in the world. As a precaution, avoid the center of Athens (Omonia square and adjoining neighborhoods) during dark, the same way you would do in most of the metropolitan cities.
How much money do I need for my personal expenses?
Depending on your registration status, you need to calculate accommodation and meals and also estimate your personal expenses, including local transportation, meals, sight seeing, shopping, etc. It all depends on the lifestyle you like to follow while in Athens. Again depending on your registration status, local transportation, meals, accommodation and sightseeing tours in Ancient Olympia are covered.
What is the weather like? What kind of clothes should I bring with me?
Summer time can be especially hot in Greece. It can get very hot in July and August with temperatures in the range of 35 Celcius or 96 Fahrenheit degrees. Morning and late afternoons however can be very pleasant. Light clothes, definitely one or more bathing suits and a light sweater for humid nights are all you need to pack. Do not forget your student IDs, which will entitle you to student discounts at archeological and other sites.


Once I arrive at the airport, how do I get to AIT?

Greek participants will be meeting AIT representatives at a metro station and will be escorted to AIT, on the 1st day of classes. International students arriving at the airport, will receive a detailed email in advance, directing them to AIT and/or the dormitory. All Summer School participants, will be informed via email, in advance.
Can I bring my car to AIT?
Plenty of sparking space is available for those who wish to drive to AIT, during the 1st week of Summer School
I need to arrive one day early/depart one day late because of travel restrictions. Can I do this?
Participants staying at the AIT dormitory may arrive earlier and depart on a later date, given availability. You need to email at This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it and check availability, for the required dates.
Where do I go when I arrive at AIT?
Directions will be sent to all participants prior to the beginning of the Summer School.
How will the Participants travel from Athens to Ancient Olympia and back?
Travel between the two spots of the summer school will be organized by AIT.
Will there be other travel arrangements in AIT & Ancient Olympia?
Local transportation to sightseeing ventures during all three Summer School modules in AIT & Ancient Olympia will be provided.


Will I have access to computers/internet?

Fully equipped computer rooms in AIT will cover your needs. Wireless access will be also provided to all participants.
Will I have access to the AIT library, during the 1st week?
Will this program involve real business people or just academics?
Please visit
Will I receive a certificate at the end of the Summer Schools?
All 3 modules participants will receive a certificate at the end of courses.

How do I apply?
How do I pay? Through a bank deposit or via credit card.
What are the qualifications required for the courses?
Engineering school graduates from all over the world are eligible to apply. Good command of English is required.
Is there any age limit for summer course participants?
Beyond being above18 years old there is no limitation for participation in summer courses
Do I need to apply for a visa? If so, do I have to organize it or does AIT take care of it?
Whether you need a visa or not depends on the regulations of your home country. In general, all non EU need a touristic visa, for entering Greece and for their stay during the 3 week modules. Once your application is accepted, AIT will prepare an invitation letter that will be sent to the Greek embassy in your home country. A copy of the letter will be sent to participants as well. Participants need to follow up, and AIT will assist in any way possible in order to accelerate the issuance of the visa.


Will the weekends be free?
There will be no formal teaching part on the weekends.
Are there any organized excursions & social events for the participants?
There will be organized excursions and social events, both during your stay in Athens and Ancient Olympia. These will be announced in advance.
If you have any questions that are not answered above, you are welcome to email your query
This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it .
Are there any scholarships available?
Please visit our site at
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