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 The InnoForum Workshop

The InnoForum workshop is an established event that nurtures the innovation ecosystem by exploring the "science of innovation". InnoForum aims at promoting innovation and entrepreneurship in the broader South-Eastern Europe, by merging three distinct communities: the business, research and legal communities. This annual workshop explores innovation and IPR (Intellectual Property Rights) issues in emerging thematic areas and provides a forum for individuals, corporate innovators and IPR experts to meet with innovation stakeholders in order to share their views and communicate their experience in the field.
Who should Attend

The workshop is meant for different stakeholders such as:

• Industrial Community: green economy professionals, technology Innovators, 
  resource management engineers, green NPOs & NGO professionals 

• Research Community: industrial, innovation and technology researchers

• Investment community: VCs, angel investors, and banks

• Public Sector Community: policy makers, government officials

• IPR expert community: lawyers and other IPR professionals

• Intellectual Property Offices: national, community and international 

Event organizers 

RIE Group (Research in Innovation & Entrepreneurship) 
Prof. G. Yovanof
Dr X. Ziouvelou


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