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The Art and Science of Negotiation is a five-day executive training program on Negotiation & Conflict Management, including the module on Advanced Negotiation Skills, taught by HKS Professor Linda Kaboolian.

Negotiation is inevitably at the heart of any process. This program provides cutting-edge techniques to positively influence the outcome of any negotiation situation.

The course builds cumulatively from simple negotiations to complexity, i.e. from 2 party single issue toward multiparty negotiations that evolve over time. Structured negotiation role playing and simulations are used to isolate and emphasize specific analytic points, essential skills and develop intuition about complex negotiations.

Attend either or both modules in AIT in May:
Module I  Collaborative Problem Solving
Module II Barriers and Opportunities in Multiparty Negotiations

Develop A Sustainable 3-D Framework
Leaders perform in dynamic environments. To negotiate with impact and shape sustainable agreements, leaders must possess a well-developed tool kit of analytic and interpersonal skills. The 3-Dimensions:
deal design
 the set-up

Skills to be upgraded

Analytical Negotiation Skills on Strategy development
Structuring parties’ interest basis
Recognizing opportunities and barriers for creating and claiming value
Ranging possible moves
Interpersonal Skills on
Trust building and breaking
Mutual persuasion
Conceptual Framework to effectively prepare for future Negotiations

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