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Alumni Ambassadors


Ms. Fryni Roumpeidou
MSIN 2005, Greece 

Ms. Fryni Roumpeidou graduated from AIT with the MSc in Information Networking, in 2005. She is currently employed in Cognity Consulting as a Telecom BSS Engineer.

Ms. Melina Politi
MBIT 2011, Greece

Ms. Melina Politi graduated from AIT with the MSc in Management of Business, Innovation & Technology, in 2011. She currently works in CyberStream as a Marketing and Sales Manager.

Mr. Hazem Baramki
MBIT, 2011 Jordan

Mr. Hazem Baramki graduated from AIT with the MSc in Management of Business, Innovation & Technology, in 2011. He is currently employed in Globitel, in Amman, Jordan, as a Product Manager.


Ms. Marilena Koliovasili
MBIT 2007, Greece

Ms. Marilena Koliovasili graduated from AIT with the MSc in Management of Business, Innovation & Technology, in 2007. She has been employed in Intracom S.A. for the past 16 years as a Project Manager.


Mr. Kostas Fiakas
MBIT 2008, Greece
Mr. Kostas Fiakas graduated from AIT with the MSc in Management of Business, Innovation & Technology, in 2008. He is currently employed in Intrarom S.A. as a Sales Director.


Ms. Sona Kostanyan
MSITT 2009, Armenia

Ms. Sona Kostanyan graduated from AIT with the MSc in Information and Telecommunications Technologies, in 2009. She is currently a Project Coordinator in New Advanced Telecom Networks LLC, in Armenia.



Mr. Fotis Sofronis
MBIT 2011, Greece

Mr. Fotis Sofronis graduated from AIT with the MSc in Management of Business, Innovation & Technology, in 2011. He is currently an IT Manager at Velti.


Mr. Imran Zafar
MSIN 2006, Pakistan

Mr. Imran Zafar graduated from AIT with the MSc in Information Networking, in 2006. He is currently a Project Manager at Confiz Solutions, in Lahore, Pakistan.


Mr. Dimitris Theodoropoulos
MBIT 2010, Greece
Mr. Dimitris Theodoropoulos graduated from AIT with the MSc in Management of Business, Innovation & Technology, in 2010. He is currently employed in Oracle Communications, leading the Oracle Communications Unified Communications and Messaging sales, in EMEA and selling Oracle's Carrier Grade B2C&B2B Cloud solutions.


Mr. Ippokratis Pandis
MSIN 2005
Mr. Ippokatis Pandis graduated from AIT with the MSc in Information Networking, in 2005. He is currently a research staff at IBM Almaden Research Center in San Jose, CA..

judit_alushiMs. Judit Alushi
MSITT 2006, Albania

Ms. Alushi graduated from New York College, Athens, in July 2006, with a BSc in Computer Science. She continued her graduate studies at AIT, in Master of Science in Information and Telecommunications Technologies (MSITT) program, graduating with a MSc degree on November 2009. She currently works as a Software Engineer at Atos.
alushijudit[ a_t ] 

KarameMr. Ghassan Karame
MSIN 2005, Lebanon

Mr. Karame holds a Bachelor in Computer and Communications Engineering from the American University of Beirut (AUB). He completed his Masters of Science in Information Networking from Carnegie Mellon University (CMU) in collaboration with Athens Information Technology in December 2006. His Masters Thesis addressed the security of reputation-based P2P systems. Since December 2006, Mr. Karame has worked as a graduate researcher in the Autonomic and Grid Computing Group of Athens Information Technology, where he was involved in the design and implementation of a 2D Face Tracking system in the context of EU project CHIL. In April 2007, he joined the System Security Group of ETH Zurich, Switzerland as a PhD student. Mr. Karame's research addresses various aspects of wired network security, cryptographic protocols, trust and reputation managements systems, etc. He works as a Research Scientist at NEC Research Labs. You may contact him at ghassan.karami[ a_t ] or gkar [ a_t ]

AwadMr. Johnny Awad
MSITT 2004, Lebanon

Mr. Awad holds a Bachelor’s degree in Electrical Engineering and Electronics – Communications and Data Processing and is now working with Booz & Co, Strategy and Management Consulting, Middle East. You may contact him at jawa [ a_t ] or johnny.awa [ a_t ]

MajaliMr. Fuad Majali
MSITT 2006, Jordan

Mr. Majali has Bachelor Degree in Computer Science 2005 from Mutah University. He attended the MSc in Information & Telecommunications Technologies program in AIT 2006. In 2008 -2009 he was an instructor in CS department at the Isra Private University (IPU). During 2009-2010 he was an instructor in the CS department of the University of Jordan, and now is a PhD scholar in University of Jordan. You may contact him at majali [ a_t ]

HaswehMr. Fadi Hasweh
MBIT 2007, Jordan

Mr. Hasweh is from Jordan and holds a Bachelor’s degree in Computer Information Systems from Applied Science University and is currently with International Turnkey Solutions in Jordan as a Senior Technical Consultant.
You may contact him at faha [ a_t ]

SanadMr. Sanad Azab
MBIT 2006, Jordan

Mr Azab is currently a Consultant at Dun & Bradstreet, the world’s leading source of business information and insight, in the Financial Infrastructure and Credit Bureaus Department. Prior to joining D&B he worked for several leading consulting companies,  in areas such as Data Warehousing, Business Intelligence, Business Process Management and Re-Engineering, Marketing Research, and Business Consulting. Mr. Azab holds a degree of Master of Science, in Management of Business, Innovation, and Technology (MBIT) from Athens Information Technology (AIT), Greece, and a Bachelor of Science in Computer Science with minors in CIS and Mathematics from La Roche College, USA, where he was awarded the Pacem in Terris scholarship. He is a Business Manager at Dun & Bradstreet, United Arab Emirates. You may contact him at sanadazab [ a_t ]

MilicaMs. Milica Bogosavljev
MSITT 2005, Serbia

Ms. Bogosavljev has finished Information systems and technologies at Faculty of Organizational Sciences (FON), University of Belgrade, obtaining a Bachelor degree as Information System Engineer. She continued her studies at Athens Information Technology (AIT), Greece and received M.Sc. in Information & Telecommunications Technologies (MSITT). In 2006 she worked as a Computer R&D Engineer in DATABANK Athens. In June 2007, she joined “Broadband Wireless and Sensor Network” group at Athens Information Technology (AIT) as Research Scientist on various European projects that included Location-based services (LBS) and Sensor network technology. During 2008, Ms. Bogosavljev joined INTRACOM Telecom and spent one year working as GIS Engineer and Optical Network designer. In 2009 she moved to the Business Support Systems Department, where she was involved in Software Engineering and IT Service Management (Remedy). Currently, she works as a Software Development Engineer at Siemens Enterprise Communications in Greece. You may contact her at milabo18 [ a_t ]  or mbog [ a_t ]


GebreMr. Dikubab Wondimu Gebre
MSITT 2006, Ethiopia

Mr. Dikubab holds a Bachelor’s degree of Education in Mathematics Major, and Physics Minor, from Bahir Dar University, in Ethiopia and is currently VP of Academic and Research Affairs at Mizan-Tepi University, Ethiopia. You may contact him at wdik [ a_t ] or wondimugebre [ a_t ]

JamiMr. Jami Ahmed
MBIT 2006, Bangladesh

Mahmud Jami Ahmed is a self-made multilingual expat who worked in Asia, Europe and currently is an Information Technology Project Management professional in greater New York area. Raised in Dhaka, Bangladesh, Jami earned his undergraduate degree from North South University in Business Administration, majoring in Marketing. And immediately after MBIT graduation from AIT, Jami started working at DELL in Greece. He possesses unique insight into the business world, from his upbringing in Asia, to his experience working with several corporations and institutes around the world, to his motivation with colleagues, and his community involvement in a variety of civic and cultural organizations. With his expertise of CRM integration, and business process improvement and professional business acumen, Jami enables Marketing and Sales Automation companies achieve maximum operational efficiency. You may contact him at mahm [ a_t ]

GabrielaMs. Gabriela Chita
MBIT 2008, Romania

Ms. Chita graduated from the University of Bucharest with a Bachelor in Administrative Science. As a student she worked on several e-Government projects. After graduation she joined the British Council to work in the field of customer services. Ms. Chita moved to Athens in the fall of 2008 to continue her studies, enrolling for the MSc in Managing Business, Innovation and Technology within AIT. She works as a Ministry Relationships Officer at University of Cambridge International Examinations in the UK. You may contact her at gabrielachita[ a_t ]



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Students' Views

"AIT was a perfect place that has the atmosphere one needs, where I spent most of my time and staff were really helpful and approachable. You can ask anyone for help and they’ll do all they can to help. It’s been an amazing experience where I’ve worked closely with experts who helped me to broaden my knowledge and be exposed to the areas of research and information technology industry. I knew that having such an experience would then help me to be able to go on and focus on an area that really interests me."

Ali Al-Othman, MSITT 2007 (Jordan)

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